Desk Clamp

Product No
Country of Origin
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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
- 0.465KG -

◆ For desk less than 65mm thick
◆ For P/N 206.022 and P/N 206.023

Desk Clamp
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  • Lighted Desk Magnifier, with Clamp
    Product NO206.022
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    Lighted Desk Magnifier, with Clamp

    ◆ Lens Size: 5"
    ◆ Crystal clear glass lens
    ◆ 5X magnification
    ◆ Voltage: 110 V( 220V is also available, please contact our sales team for more information.)
    ◆ It can be attached to desk or table under thickness 65 mm.
    ◆ Adjustable arm
    ◆ Arm is made by Aluminium alloys, strong and durable.
    ◆ Using Circular Tube Light Bulb P/N 206.00002

    Please feel free to discuss with us your Lighting and Magnifying plan, and choose the best solution for your requirements.
  • Magnifying Lens
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    Magnifying Lens

    ◆ Lens: glass
    ◆ Lens diameter: 4"
    ◆ 5X magnification
    ◆ For lighted Magnifier