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AC Adaptor

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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◆ AC Adaptor 110V, for Cordless Screwdriver P/N: 257.330
◆ Input: AC 110V 60Hz / Output: DC 4.5V 300mA

AC Adaptor
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  • Gun-type Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V
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    Gun-type Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V

    ◆ DC 3.6V
    ◆ Size of drill bit: 6.35mm
    ◆ Speed: 180 rpm
    ◆ Max. Torque: 30 kgf.cm, 6 positions torque
    ◆ Fully charged in 3-5 hrs
    ◆ Weight: 410g
    ◆ Capacity:
     ◎ wood 3.0mm
     ◎ iron sheet 1mm
     ◎ aluminum sheet 2.3mm
    ◆ Package included:
     ◎ Rechargeable Device (Input: AC 110V 60Hz / Output: DC 4.5V 300mA)
     ◎ Philips #2x65mm x 1 pcs
     ◎ NiCd battery x 1 pcs
    ◆ Forward / Reverse Switch
    ◆ With pivot handle, this cordless drill can be switched between straight and pistol styles.
  • Battery for Electric Screwdriver
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    ◆ Battery for Electric Screwdriver P/N: 257.330
  • Strap Wrench, Max Dia. of Grip 150mm
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    Strap Wrench, Max Dia. of Grip 150mm

    ◆ Maximum diameter of grip: 150mm
    ◆ Adjustable flexible strap grips any shape easily.
    ◆ Perfect tool for household and other applications such as plumbing repairs.
    ◆ Length of Strap: 600mm
    ◆ Width of Strap: 19mm
    ◆ Thickness of Strap: 3mm
  • 3-Outlet Power Strip 1650W, 1.8M Long
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    3-Outlet Power Strip 1650W, 1.8M Long


    Oulet: 3
    Cord: 1.8M
    Power: AC 125V 15A 1650W


    ◆ With its overload-protection feature, it cut power automatically to protect electronic devices when over-current is detected.
    ◆ Strong copper wires 2.0m㎡x3C conduct electricity quickly with more safety.
    ◆ Mounting holes in the back secure the power strip to walls, and with an extra hole on the cord for hanging easily.
    ◆ Right-angle grounded plug keeps cord close to the wall and saves space.