ALTECO Power 2 Power Glue+Welding Powder

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
12/144 5.76KG 3.6576'

ALTECO Power 2 Power Glue+Welding Powder

◆ For both household and automotive industry use
◆ 5g Power Glue and 7g Welding Powder are included in this two-part adhesive.
◆ Bonds instantly, can be used on concrete, metal, plastic, rubber, wood.
◆ Great and practical tool for repairing, filling holes, cracks and gaps.
◆ Moreover, it's water resistant. After bonding, the forming part can be drilled, tapped, filed, and painted.

ALTECO Power 2 Power Glue+Welding Powder
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