Octopus Brand:

Octopus KT-105 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 125mm

Product No
Country of Origin
International Barcode
(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
6/120 11.64KG 1.188'

Octopus KT-105 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 125mm

◆ Length: 125 mm
◆ Ideal for cutting
◆ With spring
◆ Drop forged and heat treated steel construction
◆ Plastic-dipped handle

Octopus KT-105 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 125mm
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    ◆ Its cast iron base makes it a stable and safe tool to use when doing your projects such as PCB inspection and repair or DIY crafting.
    ◆ Jaws are 60mm wide, and open to 50mm.
    ◆ Clamps onto surfaces up to 42mm thick.
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    Thickness: 1.0mm
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    ◆ Stronger than usual cut-off discs with its fiberglass material.
    ◆ Ideal for cutting metal, 25000rpm suggested.
    ◆ Please use with mandrel and applicable rotary tool.
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