C.H. HANSON Brand:

8"Automatic Locking Pliers C.H. HANSON

Product No
Country of Origin
International Barcode
(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
6/30 16.44KG 0.429'

8"Automatic Locking Pliers C.H. HANSON

Overall Length: 8" (100mm)
Material: Chrome molybdenum steel

◆ Up to 7 times faster than standard locking pliers.
◆ One-handed release lever is easer to open.
◆ Involute curved jaw allows tighter grip on objects.
◆ Built-in wire cutter cuts up to a 1/4" bolt.
◆ Nickel-plated finish resists rust and corrosion.
◆ Compound action for powerful non-slip locking grip.

8"Automatic Locking Pliers C.H. HANSON
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