Gas Torch Butane Cooking Welding Anti-Flaring Design

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
12/24 7.2KG 1.152'

Gas Torch Butane Cooking Welding Anti-Flaring Design

Size: 140x85x40mm

◆ Wide applications in different fields:
1. Cooking - caramelizing, browning, adding color and texture to food.
2. Camping - BBQ, igniting campfire.
3. Hobby - DIY craft.
4. Professional Use - mold or metal welding.
◆ Temperature is up to 1300℃.
◆ Adjustable flame control and self-ignition.
◆ Easy and safe operation.
◆ Anti-flaring design.
◆ Compatible with standard butane gas cartridge.
◆ Fuel is not included.

Gas Torch Butane Cooking Welding Anti-Flaring Design
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