Autosol Hard Wax 400ml Bottle

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(cans) G.W. CU'FT
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Autosol Hard Wax 400ml Bottle

Capacity: 400ml

◆ Using highest quality ingredients
◆ After the wax dries, it forms a highly reflective hard film for long-lasting protection
◆ Cover paint imperfections and provide high gloss
◆ Provide durability, ease of use and depth
◆ Suitable for new or freshly treated paint and clear coats

Autosol Hard Wax 400ml Bottle
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    Product NO390.2316
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    ◆ Useful tool used in waxing or finish
    ◆ Pad size: 5"
    ◆ Weight: 1.02kg
    ◆ Air pressure:90psi / 6.2bar / 6.3kg/c㎡
    ◆ Free Speed: 8000 RPM
    ◆ Air hose size: 6.3mm
    ◆ Average air consumption: 0.40 ㎥/min
    ◆ Package included: 5" hook & loop sanding pad
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    Sanding Pad (Hook & Loop, 5")

    ◆ Diameter: 5 "
    ◆ Dual action random orbital sanding pad
    ◆ Hook and loop function provides easy closure for removing disc.
    ◆ For product #390.2316 and #390.2320
    ◆ Application: wax polishing or car detailing
  • Autosol Leather Cleaner 75ml Tube
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    Autosol Leather Cleaner 75ml Tube

    Capacity: 75ml

    ◆ Restores color and luster to leather
    ◆ PH-balanced formula safely cleans leather
    ◆ Can remove stains caused by dirt, build-up, and even ink
    ◆ Suitable for smooth leather, also works on matte plastic, vinyl or synthetic leather (not recommend for suede)
    ◆ Quick and easy to use, gentle but effective
    ◆ Removes grime and restores elasticity
    ◆ Suitable for bumpers, spoilers, motorcycle bags, jackets, briefcases, wallets, furniture and shoes etc.
  • Rust Removal Liquid ZC-28 Engineer
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    Screw Rust Removal Liquid ZC-28 Engineer

    Capacity: 100ml
    Chemical Compound: Ammonium Thioglycolate

    ◆ Neutral liquid makes working safely. No acid or alkali contains.
    ◆ Especially designed to remove rust on small components, such as rusted screws.
    ◆ Rust can be removed in seconds!

    [User Manual]:

    1. Apply enough liquid to the rusted screw.
    2. The liquid immediately reacts with the rust and turns purple.
    3. Remove the screw after sufficient penetration.
    4. Rinse it in water after rust removal.
    5. Be sure to apply anti-rust agent.
    6. Be aware of stains and tarnish on the metal parts around the screw.


    1. Wear protective equipment such as eyeglasses, gloves, etc. while working to avoid contact with eyes and skin.
    2. Wash your hands after use, and gargle with clean water.
    3. Keep out of reach of children.
    4. Store in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.
    5. This product has a peculiar smell.
    6. Do not inhale or drink.
    7. Do not mix with other chemicals.
    8. In case of eye contact, immediately flush the eye with clean water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention.
    9. If swallowed, drink plenty of water and seek medical attention.
    10. If inhaled, immediately move to a place of fresh air and rest and seek medical attention if you feel unwell.
    11. In case of skin contact, immediately rinse thoroughly with clean running water.