Autosol Hard Wax 400ml Bottle

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(cans) G.W. CU'FT
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Autosol Hard Wax 400ml Bottle

Capacity: 400ml

◆ Using highest quality ingredients
◆ After the wax dries, it forms a highly reflective hard film for long-lasting protection
◆ Cover paint imperfections and provide high gloss
◆ Provide durability, ease of use and depth
◆ Suitable for new or freshly treated paint and clear coats

Autosol Hard Wax 400ml Bottle
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    Product NO390.2316
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    ◆ Useful tool used in waxing or finish
    ◆ Pad size: 5"
    ◆ Weight: 1.02kg
    ◆ Air pressure:90psi / 6.2bar / 6.3kg/c㎡
    ◆ Free Speed: 8000 RPM
    ◆ Air hose size: 6.3mm
    ◆ Average air consumption: 0.40 ㎥/min
    ◆ Package included: 5" hook & loop sanding pad
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    Sanding Pad (Hook & Loop, 5")

    ◆ Diameter: 5 "
    ◆ Dual action random orbital sanding pad
    ◆ Hook and loop function provides easy closure for removing disc.
    ◆ For product #390.2316 and #390.2320
    ◆ Application: wax polishing or car detailing
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    Autosol Leather Cleaner 75ml Tube

    Capacity: 75ml

    ◆ Restores color and luster to leather
    ◆ PH-balanced formula safely cleans leather
    ◆ Can remove stains caused by dirt, build-up, and even ink
    ◆ Suitable for smooth leather, also works on matte plastic, vinyl or synthetic leather (not recommend for suede)
    ◆ Quick and easy to use, gentle but effective
    ◆ Removes grime and restores elasticity
    ◆ Suitable for bumpers, spoilers, motorcycle bags, jackets, briefcases, wallets, furniture and shoes etc.