Cow Leather Polishing Mounted Point 8x18mm, 3mm Shank

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
10 0.4KG -

Cow Leather Polishing Mounted Point 8x18mm, 3mm Shank

◆ 80#
◆ Head Size: 8 x 18 mm
◆ Shank: 3 mm
◆ For speed up tp 30000 r.p.m.
◆ Suitable for grinding and polishing on aluminum, copper and iron surfaces.
◆ Other dimensions are as follows,
P/N 949.00316 Head Size: 3x16 Shank: 3mm
P/N 949.00416 Head Size: 4x16 Shank: 3mm
P/N 949.00516 Head Size: 5x16 Shank: 3mm
P/N 949.00616 Head Size: 6x16 Shank: 3mm
P/N 949.00818 Head Size: 8x18 Shank: 3mm
P/N 949.01018 Head Size:10x18 Shank: 3mm
P/N 949.01320 Head Size:13x20 Shank: 3mm

Cow Leather Polishing Mounted Point 8x18mm, 3mm Shank
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