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Automatic Soldering Iron Gun 110V 30W

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Automatic Soldering Iron Gun 110V 30W

◆ Voltage: 110V
◆ Power: 30W
◆ Tip Size: 4 mm
◆ Easy to use with one hand
◆ Push the trigger upward to replace the solder wire
◆ We can customize voltage 220V for you if you have any other requirements, please contact us for more details.

Automatic Soldering Iron Gun 110V 30W
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    Basic Home Repair
    Vocational Training Kit
    Soldering Project Kit
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    Fixing Electrical Problems
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    [Package Includes]:

    Tool bag 37.5x26x7cm (13x7.9x1.6 inch)
    - Durable and water-repellent
    - With strap for you to carry easily

    Non-magnetic Tweezers 113mm
    Octopus KT-13 Long Nose Pliers 140mm
    Octopus KT-18 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 125mm
    Octopus KT-603 Flush Cutter 90mm
    Octopus KT-411 Wire Stripper 20-30 AWG
    Magnetic Tip Phillips Screwdriver #2 x 100mm
    Magnetic Tip Slotted Screwdriver 6 x 100mm
    Solder Sucker Desoldering Pump 200mm
    Soldering Iron with Plastic Handle 110V 40W
    Solder Tube
    Soldering Iron Stand
    Replaceable Precision Screwdriver Set
    Analog Multimeter
    Swivel Head Pin Vise


    ◆ With spring and serrated jaws, the long nose pliers offers less fatigue user experience and is very durable because of being drop forged and having heat treated steel construction.
    ◆ The diagonal cutting pliers is sharp for cutting wire, plastic models, crafts, decorations...and more.
    ◆ The blade of the flush cutter is made of hard and sharp stainless steel. The size of the flush cutter is handy and can fit well in your palm.
    ◆ With solder-related tools and wire stripper included, this tool kit can deal with basic electronics, home appliance repairs and circuit board welding.
    ◆ A safe and reliable multimeter helps accurately troubleshoot automotive and household electrical problems. Multimeter is a test equipment that one must have in the tool box.
    ◆ For modeling, craft, jewelry design and watch repair, this tool kit includes a pin vise which makes this tool set more useful for DIY enthusiasts.
    ◆ Tool cabinet essentials must include long-lasting adjustable wrench and screwdrivers in Philips and Slotted which are versatile and always helpful.

    [More about S-Turbo Tool Sets]:

    Flexibility and Versatility

    All tool kits from S-Turbo can be customized and the contents of tool kits including the bag that organizes everything can be adjusted according to your specific demands. Whatever the applications are, we can always provide the right tool kit! With more than 4,000 tool items kept in our warehouse, our strength is to offer the exact combination of tools you need. If you would like to print or laser-engrave your brand or logo on the outer surface of tool kits or on body of tools, we can also support your branding requirement.

    Who will need tool sets/kits from S-Turbo?

    If you are training centers or schools for technicians and engineers, service providers for telecoms equipment repair, service centers for automotive repairs, or searching for right tool kits to run maker space, you are always welcome to discuss your tool kits requirement with us!

    Moreover, our tool kits are perfect for home and garage projects. For tool distributors who would like to provide cost-effective tool sets in home improvement department, you are very welcome to discuss with us your budget, target price and customers' preferences!

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    ◆ This kit includes,
    ◎ 125mm Micro nippers
    ◎ 125mm Miniature pliers
    ◎ 125mm Tweezers
    ◎ Solder sucker
    ◎ IC extractor
    ◎ Spring hook
    ◎ 30W Mica soldering iron
    ◎ Inspection mirror
    ◎ 2.8mm Solder wick
    ◎ Solder
    ◎ Hex key wrench set (7-in-1)
    ◎ Nut driver 5.5mm hex
    ◎ Precision screwdriver #000
    ◎ Precision screwdriver 1.8mm
    ◎ Driver bit Phillips #00
    ◎ Driver bit Phillips #0
    ◎ Driver bit Phillips #1
    ◎ Driver bit Phillips #2
    ◎ Driver bit Slotted 3.5mm
    ◎ Cutter knife (S)
    ◎ File (half-round)
    ◆ Case Size : 255 x 150 x 50mm
    ◆ Weight : 1 kg
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    ◆ Slender jaws and pocket-sized body
    ◆ Both vertical and horizontal serration for anti-slipping
    ◆ Especially designed for small screws (M2)
    ◆ Ideal for removing stripped or special screws of small size
    ◆ ESD-Safe handle made of thermoplastic elastomer featuring oil resistance (Surface Resistivity 1x10*6 to 10*7 ohm.sq.)
    ◆ Grip end with strap hole
    ◆ Material: S58C
    ◆ Hardness: HRC56 ± 2
    ◆ Screw Head Adapted: dia. 2-3.5mm (Top Jaws) / dia. 3.5-5.5mm (Side Jaws)
    ◆ Length: 120mm
    ◆ Weight: 100g

  • Benchtop Solder Pot 300W 60mm
    Product NO316.300
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    Benchtop Solder Pot 300W 60mm


    Power: 300W
    Input: AC110V
    Dia. of Pot: 60mm
    Depth of Pot: 40mm


    ◆ Corrosion resistance and prolonged service life.
    ◆ Suitable for melting solder, ideal for tinning ends of stranded wire leads and small electrical parts.