Octopus Selected Cleanroom Bags/Backpacks are designed specially for people working in cleanroom environments with the need of storing tools, accessories, and personal belongings.

Features of our Selected Cleanroom Bags/Backpacks…

Transparency Transparent design for you to easily see through the bag. Clear bags can be used not only in cleanroom working environments but also can be applied where transparency is required, such as airport and stadium sporting events for security reason.

                422.070                                  422.080                              422.090

Durability Made of durable and waterproof PVC, our Cleanroom Bags/Backpacks are ideal for you to carry laptops, tablets, phones…and your personal items all together while commuting between office and home. The stitching connections are always reinforced for extra reliability.

             422.065                               422.095                                422.090


Comfort Long and adjustable straps are designed to disperse weight for more carrying comfort. We are devoted to make Cleanroom Bags/Backpacks most suitable for every user.


             422.050                                  422.090                                422.095



Thoughtful Design Your demand for spacious room for everything and make everything organized is heard! Exterior and interior design are based on different storage requirement of various items. In addition to main compartment and dual zippers design, some of our models are equipped with zippered pockets, mesh organizers, or side pockets to make everything in place.


                422.080                                422.090                              422.095

Full-covered Design Full-covered PVC models are also available to meet your highest standard in cleanroom supplies. Including straps and main body, each part of the Cleanroom Bags/Backpacks are covered with PVC to prevent tarnishing and reduce the possibility of being dusted. Any grime can be wiped easily.


                              422.065                                                   422.095



ESD safe Whenever there is a need to protect the devices and components against ESD in the transit, this messenger style bag is a very useful and practical solution. Electrons flow easily across the surface of the bag by its carbon printing in honeycomb patterns. 



                          422.065ESD                                             422.065ESD

These are the exact Cleanroom Bags/Backpacks you are looking for!
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