Soldering Iron Tip 4mm for P/N 316.030

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Soldering Iron Tip 4mm for P/N 316.030

◆ Tip Size: 4 mm

Soldering Iron Tip 4mm for P/N 316.030
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    ◆ Voltage: 110V
    ◆ Power: 30W
    ◆ Tip Size: 4 mm
    ◆ Easy to use with one hand
    ◆ Push the trigger upward to replace the solder wire
    ◆ We can customize voltage 220V for you if you have any other requirements, please contact us for more details.
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  • Wire Pliers PA-14
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    ◆ Very round finish of wires after stripping by sharp and precise edge
    ◆ No damage caused to core wires
    ◆ Suitable for both solid and stranded wires
    ◆ Oil resistant elastomer (TPR) handle
    ◆ For the application sizes of wires, please contact our sales team for more details.
    ◆ With strap hole
    ◆ Weight: 134 g
  • ESD Replacement Tweezers Angle Tip
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    ESD Replacement Tweezers Angle Tip

    ◆ Angle Tip
    ◆ Overall Length: 125mm
    ◆ Tip Length: 22mm
    ◆ Shaft Width: 10mm
    ◆ Tip Size: 0.8mm
    ◆ Best tool for accurate electrical component operation.
    ◆ Replaceable and changeable black tips is made of PPS plastic.
    ◆ Anti-corrosion material.
    ◆ There are two screws on both sides for you to easily replace the tweezers tip.
  • Solder Pot 300W 60mm
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    Power: 300W
    Input: AC110V
    Dia. of Pot: 60mm
    Depth of Pot: 40mm


    ◆ Corrosion resistance and prolonged service life.
    ◆ Suitable for melting solder, ideal for tinning ends of stranded wire leads and small electrical parts.