Handheld Tally Counter 4 Digit Display

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Country of Origin
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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
10/120 8KG 0.72'

Handheld Tally Counter 4 Digit Display


Range: From 0 to 9,999
Display: 4 digits
Base: No


◆ Quick reset knob on the side.
◆ Easy for you to carry with the metal hoop.
◆ Suitable for theaters, playgrounds, traffic etc.

Looking for the easiest way to keep track of data such as visitors to museums or participants to events for crowd control purpose? The handheld tally counter from S-Turbo is highly recommended with its easy-to-use feature together with a finger ring attached to it to prevent falling out from your hand when using. Whenever you need a simpler solution for counting, such as counting stitches in crocheting or laps in jogging, the handheld clicker is going to help you count accurately.

The handheld tally counter is in a sturdy and durable metal housing, and can count from 0 to 9999 in 4-digit display. By turning the knob on the side, record can be reset to zero quickly. If there is a need to mount counter on flat surface, handheld tally counter with stable base is also available.

Handheld Tally Counter 4 Digit Display
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