Magnifying Lens (5X)

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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◆ Size: 5"
◆ 5X magnification
◆ Material: Ground Glass

Magnifying Lens (5X)
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    Lens Cleaning Pen

    ◆ Pen-style and dual-head design
    ◆ Brush retracts into pen body when not in use to stay clean.
    ◆ This Lens Cleaning Pen can remove dusts, stains and fingerprints and works with cameras, telescopes, and other optical products.
    ◆ The Lens Cleaning Pen will work for more than 500 times.
  • Hand Held LED Magnifier 10X
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    Hand Held LED Magnifier 10X

    ◆ 3 bright LED beads help you see clearly in dark places, great tool for inspection.

    Magnification: 10X
    Minimum Scale: 0.5mm ( 1/16" )
    Magnifiying Lens Size: 25mm
    LED Beads: 3
    Batteries Required: 2 AA batteries(not included)
  • Magnifier Lamp w/ Clamp 5-diopter 3-plug-socket 110V
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    Magnifier Lamp w/ Clamp 5-diopter 3-plug-socket 110V


    Illumination: 750lumen
    Lens Size: 5"
    Material of Lens: Glass
    Diameter of Lampshade: 23cm
    Input: 110V
    Power: 22W
    Poduct Length: 100cm


    ◆ 100cm long arm and 5 inch 5-diopter glass magnifier lens make everything clear!
    ◆ Metal clamp securely holds to the surfaces up to 65mm.
    ◆ ABS lampshade and the flip-up cover protect the lens from dust.
    ◆ Adjustable neck makes working in limited space a lot easier.
    ◆ Lamp ideal for production or inspection line, and also suitable for reading, crafting, jewelry making.
    ◆ 22W circling fluorescent bulb provides glare-free light.
    ◆ 3-pronged plugs.
  • Benchtop LED Lighted Magnifier 2.25X
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    Benchtop LED Lighted Magnifier 2.25X


    Lens Size: 5"
    Material: Crystal clear glass lens
    Magnification: 2.25X
    Illumination: 12 SMT LED 14W 5700K
    Diameter of Lampshade: 23cm
    Length: 22cm
    Input: AC100V-240V


    ◆ Adjustable arm allows easy adjustments in height and angle to meet users' working space.
    ◆ Ideal for jewelry industry, students reading, workshops, or office applications.
    ◆ With knob, you can easily adjust the brigtness range from 10% to 100%.

    Please feel free to discuss with us your Lighting and Magnifying plan, and choose the best solution for your requirements.