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Magnifying Lens

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Country of Origin
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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Magnifying Lens

◆ Lens: glass
◆ Lens diameter: 4"
◆ 5X magnification
◆ For lighted Magnifier

Magnifying Lens
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  • Flashlight Loupe (LED) SL-71 Engineer
    Product NOESL-71
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    Flashlight Loupe (LED) SL-71 Engineer

    ◆ LED flashlight magnifier with squared scale mounted
    ◆ Plastic body
    ◆ Light weight
    ◆ x10 Magnification
    ◆ Lens Diam.: ∮30mm
    ◆ Twin-lens structure (Glass lens + plastic lens)
    ◆ Long-life, bright LED bulb
    ◆ 2 x C type battery
    ◆ Overall Length: 177mm
    ◆ Net Weight : 90g (Battery excluded)
  • Magnifying Lens SL-64 Engineer
    Product NOESL-64
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    Magnifying Lens SL-64 Engineer

    ◆ Light and compact, ideal for carrying and using when reading
    ◆ With magnet, can be used to attach on objects
    ◆ With pouch
    ◆ With Patent
    ◆ X 3.5 Magnification
    ◆ Lens Diam.: 40mm
    ◆ Length: 130mm (77mm after being folded)
    ◆ Width: 50mm
    ◆ Weight: 28g

  • Air Blower
    Product NO553.092
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    Air Blower

    ◆ Overall Length: 150mm
    ◆ Diameter: 50mm
    ◆ Material: TPE
    ◆ Very easy to use.
    ◆ Blows off dust and particles.
    ◆ This blower is designed for cleaning camera lens, notebook computers, cameras, televisions, monitors, LCD screen and glasses.

    ***Tips are in two colors, red and blue.