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Automatic Soldering Iron Gun (110V, 60W)

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
10 3.29KG -

◆ Voltage: 110V
◆ Power: 60W
◆ Tip Size: 6 mm
◆ Easy to use with one hand
◆ Push the trigger upward to replace the solder wire
◆ We can customize voltage 220V for you if you have any other requirements, please contact us for more details.

Automatic Soldering Iron Gun (110V, 60W)
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    Surface: Anodized finish with high corrosion resistance
    Size: φ20 × 153
    Weight: 52g
    Cylinder Capacity: 9cc (ml)
    Silicone Nozzle: Internal dia. 2mm / External dia. 4mm


    ◆ Smart mechanish allows easy and continuous operation with one hand.
    ◆ Designed for sucking up melted solder easily and efficiently.
    ◆ Self-cleaning shaft makes sure no clogging.
    ◆ The elastic and heat-resistant silicone nozzle, which withstands contact with a soldering iron 350℃ max, is able to make the solder sucker adhere on board closely.
    ◆ Suction force is up and the suck-up result is great with less residue.
    ◆ Spare silicone tube is included for replacement, and you can cut it in desired length.