Heater for Soldering Iron 40W

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Heater for Soldering Iron 40W

◆ 40W
◆ For Soldering Iron with Wooden Handle P/N 316.121, Soldering Iron with Plastic Handle P/N 316.141 and P/N 316.540

Heater for Soldering Iron 40W
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    Soldering Iron with Wooden Handle 110V 40W

    [Specifications & Features]:

    Voltage: 110V
    Power: 40W
    Tip Size: 5 mm

    Soldering irons with eco-friendly wooden handle is one of the soldering tools S-Turbo supplies for a better and sustainable future. The ventilation holes locate around the metal cylinder offer great heat-dissipation. Affordable and reasonable price is also one of the benefits of using these soldering irons with wooden handle. Moreover, you can always count on S-Turbo for comprehensive support in all sorts of applicable soldering iron tips and parts for replacements.

    Ranging from low to high wattage, soldering irons with wooden handle supplied by S-Turbo are in a wide variety in terms of power rating. If the objects to be joined together are smaller, lower-wattage irons are more appropriate. On the other hand, higher-wattage irons with better heating capacity are soldering tools for larger metal objects.
  • Soldering Paste 200ml
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    Size: 200ml

    ◆ Neutral formula, being in solid state under room temperature and in liquid state when being heated.
    ◆ This Solder Paste cleans and fluxes at the same time.
    ◆ It cleans surface oxidation and prevents the metals from oxidation when in high temperature.
    ◆ When being heated, it reduces surface tension of solder and allows the solder to flow easily into the joint.
  • ESD-safe Replaceable Tweezers Curved Tip
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    ESD-safe Replaceable Tweezers Curved Tip


    Shape: Curved Tip
    Tip Size: 0.8mm
    Overall Length: 128mm
    Tip Length: 26mm
    Shaft Width: 10mm
    Material: Stainless Steel & PPS


    ◆ For precise grasping SMD/SMT components.
    ◆ Replaceable and changeable black tips made of PPS are able to hold objects softly without causing damage for delicate parts, while the metal body offers durability and strength for grasping.
    ◆ Two screws on both sides for you to easily replace the tweezers' tips.