Heater for Soldering Iron 80W

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Heater for Soldering Iron 80W

◆ 80W
◆ For Soldering Iron with Wooden Handle P/N 316.123

Heater for Soldering Iron 80W
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  • Digital Caliper Inch/Metric 6
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    Digital Caliper Inch/Metric 6"

    Material: Carbon Steel
    Metric Measuring Range: 0~150mm (Resolution: 0.01mm)
    Imperial Measuring Range: 0~6" (Resolution: 0.0005")
    Battery Required: SR44 (not included when shipping)

    ◆ With this carbon-steel-made caliper, you can glide easily and smoothly when measuring.
    ◆ With position lock function.
    ◆ One button allows switching between inch and millimeter easily and quickly.
    ◆ Can be set to zero when differential measurements are required.
    ◆ Extra large LCD screen for easy and clear reading.

    Caliper or vernier, a general-purpose and versatile measuring tool, helps you determine external and internal diameters, measure width and distances of your workpieces. It's an indispensable measuring tool especially in combining different parts and compatibility is a major concern.

    For DIYers, S-Turbo offer calipers made of carbon steel and powered by SR44 battery in a compact plastic case that exceed your expectation of accuracy with good portability. The sliding and jaws can be glided easily and smoothly when measuring. Additionally, our calipers are equipped with numerical locking function, easy-to-read LCD display for reading effortlessly, one button for quick change between inch and millimeter, and can be reset to zero when being required.
  • Soldering Iron with Wooden Handle 110V 80W
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    Soldering Iron with Wooden Handle 110V 80W

    [Specifications & Features]:

    Voltage: 110V
    Power: 80W
    Tip Size: 8mm

    Soldering irons with eco-friendly wooden handle is one of the soldering tools S-Turbo supplies for a better and sustainable future. The ventilation holes locate around the metal cylinder offer great heat-dissipation. Affordable and reasonable price is also one of the benefits of using these soldering irons with wooden handle. Moreover, you can always count on S-Turbo for comprehensive support in all sorts of applicable soldering iron tips and parts for replacements.

    Ranging from low to high wattage, soldering irons with wooden handle supplied by S-Turbo are in a wide variety in terms of power rating. If the objects to be joined together are smaller, lower-wattage irons are more appropriate. On the other hand, higher-wattage irons with better heating capacity are soldering tools for larger metal objects.
  • Solder-It Silver Bearing Solder Paste
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    Solder-It Silver Bearing Solder Paste

    Contents: 7.1 gram syringe
    Tensile Strength: 10,000-25,000psi

    ◆ Fast and neat, no skill required.
    ◆ Low melting temperature 221 ℃(430°F), reduces problem of metal distortion.
    ◆ High electrical conductivity makes it excellent for electrical work and instrument assembly.
  • Handheld Solder Pot 150W
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    Handheld Solder Pot 150W


    Pot Size: Inner Dia. 34mm x Depth 34mm
    Input: 110V
    Power: 150W
    Max approx temperature: 480°C


    ◆ The Handheld Solder Pot is ideal for tinning the ends of stranded wire leads and small electrical parts.