High Efficient Solder Paste 50g

Product No
Country of Origin
United Kingdon
International Barcode
(sheets) G.W. CU'FT
50 0.072KG -

High Efficient Solder Paste 50g

Weight: 50g
Operating Temp.: 550℃~750℃
Raw Material from: UK

◆ High efficiency, low melting point
◆ Ideal cleanliness and stability

◆ How to use:
1. Mix thoroughly before use. Can add water to adjust concentration if needed
2. Use a brush to paint and to clean.
3. Overheating and non-ventilated condition may be hazardous.
4. After soldering, use hot water to remove extra flux.
5. Cap the flux and put it in dry and ventilated place.

◆ Caution:
1. Wash hands after use.
2. Contain potassium fluoroborate, if sallowed please see a doctor immediately.
3. Wash with plenty water if touch with eyes.

High Efficient Solder Paste 50g
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