Soldering Iron Tip 15mm

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Soldering Iron Tip 15mm

◆ Tip Size: 15mm
◆ For 300W Soldering Iron P/N 316.420

Soldering Iron Tip 15mm
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  • High Wattage Soldering Iron 110V 300W
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    High Wattage Soldering Iron 110V 300W


    Voltage: 110V
    Power: 300W
    Tip Size: 15mm


    These high wattage soldering irons are designed for joining larger components. When working with bigger parts or the connections require more heat, higher wattage irons are necessary to efficiently bond the joints.

    With reinforced plastic handle to protect users away from heat when using these high wattage soldering irons and with power switch on handle for better control on power, we make soldering larger parts safer and more efficient at the same time.

    You can always count on S-Turbo for comprehensive support in all sorts of applicable soldering iron tips and parts for replacements. Choosing soldering irons based upon the needs of projects is supported by comprehensive accessories and parts S-Turbo supplies.
  • Solder Tip Cleaner SS-05 Engineer
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    Solder Tip Cleaner SS-05 Engineer

    ◆ Portable
    ◆ Dual functions, for tip cleaning and as iron stand
    ◆ Completely airtight to keep sponge moist and avoid water leakage while not being used and capped with lid
    ◆ With 2 pcs of cleaning sponges of different density
    ◆ Housing: Glass-filled nylon resin featuring heat resistance of 130℃.
    ◆ External Dimensions: 65 x 32 (H) mm
    ◆ Weight: 75g
  • Soldering Paste Flux 100ml
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    Solder Paste Flux 100ml

    Size: 100ml

    ◆ Neutral formula, being in solid state under room temperature and in liquid state when being heated.
    ◆ This Solder Paste cleans and fluxes at the same time.
    ◆ It cleans surface oxidation and prevents the metals from oxidation when in high temperature.
    ◆ When being heated, it reduces surface tension of solder and allows the solder to flow easily into the joint.
  • ESD-safe Solvent Flux Dispenser Pen Tip White 1.7oz
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    ESD-safe Solvent Flux Dispenser Pen Tip White 1.7oz


    Capacity: 1.7oz (50ml)
    Tip: Pen brush
    Material of Bottle: PE
    Surface resistivity: 10^6 to 10^11 Ω/sq (With antistatic-coating on the surface of the bottle)


    ◆ Wide applications in PCB rework and repair, cleanrooms, or any working environment with ESD sensitive components around. Pen-top tip creates more intuitive user experience.
    ◆ Using this pen-top flux dispenser when soldering helps control the flow of flux more precisely without causing unwanted waste.
    ◆ This bottle is great for storing highly volatile liquid and make the liquid less quickly to evaporate.