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Heater for AE Ceramic Soldering Iron 40W

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Heater for AE Ceramic Soldering Iron 40W

◆ 40W
◆ For Soldering Iron P/N 317.240

Heater for AE Ceramic Soldering Iron 40W
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    Voltage: 110V
    Power: 40W
    Tip Size: 6mm


    With energy-efficient ceramic heating element inside, these soldering irons heat up quickly and its ability in distributing heat evenly across the soldering tip prolong the lifespan of tips and ensure consistent soldering performance.

    This series of soldering irons, available in 30W and 40W, like other soldering irons S-Turbo offers, you can always count on S-Turbo for comprehensive support in all sorts of parts for repair and replacement purposes. Moreover, soldering tips are durable and capable of working under high temperature.
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