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Ultrasonic Cleaner 10.8L 110V DC200H

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(sets) G.W. CU'FT
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Ultrasonic Cleaner 10.8L 110V DC200H

◆ Power supply: AC100 ~ 120V / 60Hz
◆ External dimension: 330 x 285 x 330mm
◆ Internal tank size: 300 x 240 x 150mm
◆ Tank capacity: 10800cc
◆ Material of internal tank: SUS 304 / thickness: 1.5mm
◆ Material of outter case: Galvanized steel / thickness: 1.0mm
◆ Material of the cover: SUS 304
◆ Generates 40KHz of ultrasonic sound waves
◆ Output Power: 200W
◆ Weight: 9.5kg
◆ Applications: Polishing jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, dentures, ornaments...etc.
◆ Powerful heater (250 watts) can make temperature reach 70℃ quickly.
◆ If you have any customized requirements, please contact our sales team.

Ultrasonic Cleaner 10.8L 110V DC200H
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