Promex Plating Pen 18K Gold Rapid

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Promex Plating Pen (18K Gold Rapid)

◆ P/N: 502-029
◆ With this Plating Pen (18K Gold Rapid), you can plate quickly and very easily.
◆ The Plating Pen (18K Gold Rapid) will be expired after 10 months in mint condition. Please use it up in 3 months once being opened.
◆ Each pen contains 10 ml of solutions, and can plate approximately 60 x 60cm area.
◆ Wide applications including Jewelry, frames, watches, ornaments, accessories, and IC Board
◆ When plating silver or gold on Zinc or Lead surfaces, please use Plating Pen (Silver Rapid) or Plating Pen (Gold Rapid) to have better performance.
◆ For Plating Machine P/N 335.120
◆ If you can't find the Plating Pen you're looking for on our website, please contact our sales team for more information.

Promex Plating Pen 18K Gold Rapid
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    ◆ Each pen contains 10ml of concentrated plating solution and can plate up to 80x80cm of surface.
    ◆ Plating solution won't deteriorate easily. Shake well before use. It's recommanded to finish in one year. And put the pen right up after use.
    ◆ Gentlely apply the plating pen to the surface of the object.
    ◆ Plating solution is ecofriendly and not harmful.
    ◆ When plating gold or silver on zinc board or lead board, use double concentration plating pen.
    ◆ For details on how to use this plating machine and its accessories, please read the user manual inside the package.
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