Magnifier Loupe (10X)

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
50 3.9KG 0.64'

Magnifier Loupe (10X)

◆ 10x Magnification
◆ Lens: 30mm

Magnifier Loupe (10X)
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  • Digital Caliper Inch/Metric 4
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    Digital Caliper Inch/Metric 4"

    Material: Carbon Steel
    Metric Measuring Range: 0~100mm (Resolution: 0.01mm)
    Imperial Measuring Range: 0~4" (Resolution: 0.0005")
    Battery Required: SR44 (not included when shipping)

    ◆ With this carbon-steel-made caliper, you can glide easily and smoothly when measuring.
    ◆ Numerical locking function
    ◆ Accurate and fast, with LCD display
    ◆ Two measuring mode: one button quick change between inch and millimeter
    ◆ Can be set to zero when differential measurements are required.
    ◆ Extra large LCD screen for easy and clear reading.

    Caliper or vernier, a general-purpose and versatile measuring tool, helps you determine external and internal diameters, measure width and distances of your workpieces. It's an indispensable measuring tool especially in combining different parts and compatibility is a major concern.

    For DIYers, S-Turbo offer calipers made of carbon steel and powered by SR44 battery in a compact plastic case that exceed your expectation of accuracy with good portability. The sliding and jaws can be glided easily and smoothly when measuring. Additionally, our calipers are equipped with numerical locking function, easy-to-read LCD display for reading effortlessly, one button for quick change between inch and millimeter, and can be reset to zero when being required.
  • Diamond Selector IV
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    Diamond Selector IV

    ◆ Weight: 64g ( battery included )
    ◆ Dimensions: 85 x 54 x 14 mm
    ◆ Your smart tool for identifying and selecting diamonds.
    ◆ Pleae follow the attached instruction manual when using.
    ◆ This Diamond Selector IV can be powered by computer USB port, and the testing results will be shown on the computer for you to read easily.
  • Watchmakers Eye Loupe No.7230
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    Watchmakers Eye Loupe No.7230

    Magnification: 6X
    Dia. Of Lens: 23mm

    ◆ Fits good in eye socket, can be used to repair watches
  • Magnifier Lamp w/ Clamp 100~240V ESD Safe 5X
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    Magnifier Lamp w/ Clamp 100~240V ESD Safe 5X


    Lens size: 5"
    Magnification Strength: 5 Diopter
    Illumination: 80 LED
    Input: 100-240V
    Power: 5W
    Color: Black


    ◆ White energy-saving LED provides eye-pleasing experience.
    ◆ Clamp holds firm to desk up to 65mm thick.
    ◆ Triple-joint arm can be adjusted easily.
    ◆ With a flip-up cover protects the lens from dust and blocks the magnifying lens when not in use.
    ◆ ESD safe, suitable for electronic industry environment.