Magnetic Screw Holder

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Magnetic Screw Holder

◆ To prevent screws from falling when electric driller drills in or being pulled out.
◆ Ultra light weight, with only 8g
◆ This holder can work with almost all screwdriver bites.
◆ 1 Philips #2 x 65mm Bit is included
◆ Hex 6.35mm

Magnetic Screw Holder
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    Overall Length: 225mm
    Material: Carbon Steel
    Handle Material: TPR
    Screw Head Size: Dia. 3~12mm
    Removable Screws: Dome (Truss) Head, Round and Pan Head.
    Cutting Capacity: Flat Cable dia. 2.6mm x 3 cores / Hard Wire dia. 3.2mm / Copper Wire dia. 4mm / Stainless Wire dia. 2mm / Stranded Wire 8m㎡
    Crimping Capacity: Bare Terminals AWG16~12 (1.25~3.5m㎡)
    Hardness: HRC 60±2
    Weight: 350g


    ◆ Designed especially for electrician a multi-functional pliers with unique screw extractor.
    ◆ Eccentric high leverage structure, powerful in cutting and gripping.
    ◆ 21mm long blade and the specially-designed eccentric structure offer 30% more cutting power compared to conventional pliers.
    ◆ 2-way non-slip gripping jaw. Vertical serrations grip a screw head securely, while horizontal serrations hold a tie band and a thin plate securely.
    ◆ The unique T-shaped handle helps prevent the handle sleeve from twisting or turning round and has the feature of light-weight.
    ◆ Strap hole in the end of the handle prevents the pliers from falling.