Octopus Brand:

Octopus KT-603 Flush Cutter 90mm

Product No
Country of Origin
International Barcode
(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
6/120 6.96KG 1.188'

Octopus KT-603 Flush Cutter 90mm

◆ Length: 90 mm
◆ Ideal for cutting
◆ With spring
◆ Material: Stainless Steel

Octopus KT-603 Flush Cutter 90mm
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    Handle Material: ABS & TPR
    Cap Material: ABS
    Weight: 136g

    ◆ Micro-serrations can hold the object without slippage such as Aramid fiber, plastic plate, etc.
    ◆ U-shaped blade is ideal for cutting power supply cord, coaxiale cable, rope, etc.
    ◆ TPR cushioned handles provide comfort gripping.
    ◆ Finger pinch overlapping guard prevents fingers from being pinched.

    Cutting Capacity (Reference Only):

    1. Coaxial cable (Conductor dia. 1.0mm)
    2. Cabtire cord Ext. dia. 12mm (4 cores)
    3. Cotton insulated cord
    4. Rope dia. 10mm
    5. PP Plate 1.2mm thick
    6. Leather belt 5mm thick
    7. Kevlar Aramid fiber
    8. Copper braided flat wire

    * Do not apply copper or steel wire to the Micro-serration to prolong the life of blades.
    * Heat-treated or specially-hardened wire is not applicable for cutting. It may damage the blades.