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Wire Stripper 1.0-3.2mm

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
12/48 18.144KG -

Wire Stripper 1.0-3.2mm

◆ This product handles wire 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 2.6, 3.2mm (AWG 18#, 14#, 12#, 10#, 8#)

Wire Stripper 1.0-3.2mm
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  • Wire Pliers PA-06
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    Wire Pliers PA-06

    ◆ Very round finish of wires after stripping by sharp and precise edge
    ◆ No damage caused to core wires
    ◆ Suitable for both solid and stranded wires
    ◆ Oil resistant elastomer (TPR) handle
    ◆ For the application sizes of wires, please contact our sales team trading@octopus.com.tw for more details.
    ◆ Weight: 134 g
  • Level, 8-Inch Magnetic Bubble Level with Adjustable Vial
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    Level, 8-Inch Magnetic Bubble Level with Adjustable Vial


    Length: 205mm
    Width: 52mm
    Thickness: 18mm
    Material: Plastic


    ◆ 3 vials, 0°, 90°, Adjustable.
    ◆ Adjustable vial allows angle transfer between multiple surfaces with different slopes.
    ◆ With Lock/Unlock knob, the required angle can be locked without having to worry about angle change when moving.
    ◆ With 172 x 8 m/m magnet on the base, the level can be attached onto any metal surface easily.
    ◆ Ideal not only for straight line measurement, also great when measuring level for specific angle of a slope is required.
    ◆ Also applicable in decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    ◆ Light weight and pocket size.
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    10-Foot Long 16mm Wide Inch/Metric Measuring Tape

    Width: 16mm
    Length: 3M or 10 foot

    ◆ Retractable automatically.
    ◆ With belt clip and wrist belt for easy transportation.
    ◆ Triple-riveted hook.
    ◆ Shock-proof ABS case.