PVA Polishing Mounted Point 800#, 2.34mm Shank

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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PVA Polishing Mounted Point 800#, 2.34mm Shank

◆ 800# PVA
◆ Shank: 2.34 mm
◆ Color: Grey
◆ Size: 15 x 25 mm
◆ For speed up to 2,000rpm
◆ For metal and non-metal surfaces, causing a more coarse result
◆ Other dimensions are as follows,
P/N 950.0120 120# Grey
P/N 950.0220 220# Grey
P/N 950.0400 400# Grey
P/N 950.1500 1500# White

PVA Polishing Mounted Point 800#, 2.34mm Shank
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    Pen Type Grinder -

    Variable Speed: 4,000-16,500RPM
    Power: 10W
    Size: 139 x Φ24mm
    Weight: 80g
    Collet Capacity: 0.3-3.2mm

    Adapter -

    Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Output: DC 18V 0.5A
    Plug Type of Adapter: A Type


    1. Pen Type Grinder x 1
    2. Adapter x 1
    3. Spring Collet 0.3-3.2mm x 1
    4. Diamond Burs x 5
    5. Collet Nut 2.34~3.2 mm x 1 / Collet Nut 1.6~2.34mm x 1
    6. Collet x 1


    1. Wide applications such as removing 3D printer support, metal polishing, leather burnishing, glass etching, woodworking, manicure...etc. It can be used in removing rust or paint from metal surfaces, creating precise and delicate patterns on your laptops or ornaments, or in sanding away the rough edges on wood frames…, there are more applications than you can imagine.
    2. Variable speed from 4,000rpm to 16,500rpm allows tasks to be completed efficiently in different scenarios on different materials.
    3. The pen-type grinder weighs 80g only, its lightweight and slim pen-type design make it handy and easy to handle for detailed projects.
    4. With 0.3-3.2mm collet capacity, it is compatible with most rotary tool accessories on the market. Various mounted points and burrs can be used together with our Octopus Rotary Tool.
    5. With quick release button, you can replace the burs and mounted points quickly and conveniently.
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    Handpiece -

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    Controller -

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    ◆ Equipped with 2 high quality bearings ensures the machine can run at high speed with precisive operation.
    ◆ Max. 18,000rpm. Variable speed can be adjusted depends on the users' demands.
    ◆ Clock-wise and counter clock-wise switch on controller for easy control of the rotary direction.
    ◆ This tool set contains a spare fuse for easy replacement of fuse when needed.
    ◆ Transparent plastic case for storing accessories.
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    [Specifications] -

    3 Speed Adjustments: 5000 / 10000 / 15000rpm
    Collet Size: 2.34mm x1 / 3.2 mm x1
    Material of Collet: Aluminum
    Battery: Li-Ion 3.7V 600mAh
    Interface: USB micro
    Charging time: 2hrs (5V/0.5A)
    No-load Operation Time: 100mins
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    ◆ Based on working situation, there are 3 speed adjustments
    ◆ Built-in motor made in Japan reassures security.
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