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Special Driver (Torx), 3.8mm

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
- 0.078KG -

Special Driver (Torx), 3.8mm

◆ Applicable to tampering-proof screws
◆ For mobile phone
◆ Point Size: 3.8mm
◆ Shaft Length: 100mm
◆ Shaft Diam.: 5.5mm
◆ Handle Diam.: 25mm
◆ Overall Length: 200mm

Special Driver (Torx), 3.8mm
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    Hex Lobe Security Torx Type Driver T20H

    ◆ Comfort grip handle offers fatique free working experience.
    ◆ Special hardened steel with heat treatment
    ◆ Size: 3.84mm
    ◆ Shank Length: 125mm
    ◆ Shank Diameter: 5.0mm
    ◆ Overall Length: 213mm
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    ‧Replaceable Screwdriver * 1 pcs
    ‧Triangle Spudger * 1 pcs
    ‧Spudgers * 2 pcs
    ‧Suction Cup (Sucker Pick) * 1 pcs
    ‧Bit (4mm Hex in 28mm long) Sizes :
     ※ Philips: PH #000 #00 #0
     ※ Slotted: 1.0 2.0mm
     ※ Torx: T2 T3 T5 T6
     ※ Pentalobe: P2 P5
     ※ Tri-point: 2.6mm
    ‧Material of Bit : 8660 CR-MO


    ◆ Basic and essential repair tool kit for your mobile phone and electronic gadgets, such as iPhone , iPad, iPod, Macbook, all smart phones, laptops, and game consoles.
    ◆ Various bits including Philips, Slotted, Torx, Pentalobe, Tri-point are avaliable in the plastic case and can be assembled to the screw driver easily.
    ◆ All bits are made of high quality 8660 CR-MO steel, provide satisfactory durability.
    ◆ With comfort grip and ergonomic screwdriver, repairing electronic devices is less fatigued.
    ◆ Sucker Pick (Suction Cup) helps remove screen without harming or scratching the surface.
    ◆ Durable ABS Triangle spudgers and PP Spudgers won't hurt the delicate digital devices.
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    Phone Repair Opening Pry Tool Set

    Content: Crowbar x 3, Triangle Paddle x 1.

    Crowbar Size: 6x154mm / 10x88mm / 5x88mm
    Triangle Paddle Size: 30x3mm

    ◆ Designed for smart phone disassembly and repair.
    ◆ Applicable to most of the smart phones.
    ◆ Its ESD-safe feature makes this tool set very suitable for handling sensitive components.
    ◆ The delicate design of this pry tool set causes no harms to the screen or outer shell of the phone.