Tool Kit (14 pcs / set)

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(sets) G.W. CU'FT
- 1.182KG -

Tool Kit (14pcs/set)

◆ For general electronic and job training use
◆ This kit includes,
◎ 160mm Screw removal pliers
◎ 160mm Long nose pliers
◎ 133mm Slant edge nippers
◎ 150mm Utility knife
◎ 125mm Tweezers , serrated tip
◎ Nut driver 5.5mm hex
◎ Phillips screwdriver #2 x 100
◎ Phillips screwdriver #0 x 75
◎ Screwdriver Slotted (-)4 x 75mm
◎ Phillips screwdriver #00 x 75
◎ Ceramic Soldering Iron (30W)
◎ Solder(1m)
◎ Solder paste
◎ Soldering stand
◆ Case Size : 255 x 155 x 50mm
◆ Weight : 1.1 kg

Tools included in the kit are subject to change, please contact us for details.

Tool Kit (14 pcs / set)
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    ◆ Fluxed rosin core solder.