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Univeral Crimping Pliers PA-20

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Univeral Crimping Pliers PA-20

◆ Featuring precise and universal crimping of AWG #28 to 16
◆ Capable of crimping 2.5 to 5mm pitch connector pin (universal type), D-Sub connector contact can also be crimped.
◆ Original "ENGINEER "joint screw prevents the joint from being loose and offers you easy maintenance.
◆ With locking latch and coiled spring
◆ Material: S55C
◆ Weight: 145g, compact and light body for fatigue-free work
◆ For the application sizes of wires, please contact our sales team for more details.

Univeral Crimping Pliers PA-20
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    ◆ Ensures high-quality crimping effect after crimping repeatedly and less fatique.

    Crimping Capacity: 0.1-1.0m㎡ (AWG 28-18)
    Length: 193mm (Approx.)
    Weight: 400g
    Handle Material: TPR+PP