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Mask for PZ-32

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Mask for JS PZ-32 PZ-33 Screw Removal Pliers

◆ Offer protection for the blades of PZ-32 and PZ-33.
◆ Material: Elastomer (TPR)

Mask for PZ-32
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    Mask for GT PZ-58 Screw Removal Pliers

    ◆ Offer protection for the blades of PZ-58.
    ◆ Material: Elastomer (TPR)
  • Screw Removal Pliers (Neji-Saurus JS) PZ-32
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    Length: 160mm
    Hardness: HRC60+/-2
    Material Body: Carbon Steel
    Material Handles: TPR
    Weight: 125g
    Cutting Capacity: Φ1.2㎜ copper wire
    Screw Head: dia. 3 to 9.5㎜

    ◆ Vertical serrations bite and grip a screw head without slippage.
    ◆ Serrated side teeth lined consecutively, inter-meshed with each other.
    ◆ Elaborate angle of serrations also enables you to bite a dome head.
    ◆ Black oxide finish to increase rust-resistance!
    ◆ Slender design of jaws ideal for work in confined area.
    ◆ Comfortable grips made of Elastomer (TPR), also good for global environment.
    ◆ Strap hole goes through the steel handle.
    ◆ With Wide blades can cut Φ1.2㎜ copper wire.
  • Screw Removal Tool Kit PDS-02
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    Tools included are,

    PZ-58 / PZ-59 / PZ-60 - 3 pairs of screw removal pliers
    DBZ-50B / DBZ-51 / DBZ-52 / DBZ-53 / DBZ-54 / DBZ-56 - DBZ series screw removal tools

    Weight: 1.9kg
    Size include outer case: 360×265×80mm


    ◆ Selected tools that are frequently used to remove screws.
    ◆ Ideal for repair and maintenance at factories and sites with all the tools you need to deal with the troublesome screws.
    ◆ Also ideal for maintenance of equipments, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, agricultural equipments, ships, sports equipment.
    ◆ All the tools are stored compactly and a handle is designed thoughtfully for easy carrying.
    ◆ Tools stored inside are carefully protected with a case reduces the risks of being scratched.
  • Rust Removal Liquid Mist Type ZC-28M Engineer
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