5 Digit Resettable Mechanical Stroke Counter

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5 Digit Resettable Mechanical Stroke Counter


Range: 0-99,999
Display: 5 digits


◆ Widely used on machines and automatic control equipments.
◆ Easily attached to any surface with its pre-drilling holes.
◆ Main body is made of durable metal.
◆ Quick reset knob on the side.

Resettable mechanical counters are often found on machines operated in printing, stamping, or textile industry to record and accumulate repetitive actions by each count. The counter is able to be fixed or mounted with pre-drilling holes and increments with every movement of its lever arm.

Mechanical counters offered by S-Turbo help count accurately. The main body is made of durable metal to withstand harsh environment in factories. By connecting mechanical counters to the machines, these clickers count mechanical and repetitive movement such as punch or drill press from 0 to 99,999 or to 999,999, depends on the max. number of users' counting demand. More conveniently, records can be reset to zero quickly with the reset button.

5 Digit Resettable Mechanical Stroke Counter
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