6-Unit Bank Tally Counter

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(sets) G.W. CU'FT
25 15KG 1.17'

6-Unit Bank Tally Counter


Range: From 0 to 9,999
Units Connected: 6


◆ Equipped with a single reset knob for resetting all units at once.
◆ Very durable with its metal case.
◆ Easily attached to flat surface with screw holes.
◆ Multi usage in calculating number of people, traffic flow, or in any other occasions such as in sport events.
◆ 4 digits display.

When there are more than one variable or parameter to be counted at the same time, these Multi-unit Bank Tally Counters from S-Turbo are exactly the right clickers that you can count on for accurate counting. Each of the units is in a sturdy and durable metal housing, and can count from 0 to 9999 in 4-digit display. For resetting all units at once, you just need to adjust the knob and zero will be shown in every unit/bank.

These multiple bank clickers can be fixed and mounted to flat surface such as bench or desk with pre-drilling screw holes without having to worry about the problem of being shaky or insecure when using these counting devices.

These bank tally counters are widely applied in calculating number of people, traffic flow, or in other occasions such as in sport events, especially useful in collecting data for survey purpose. The number of units connected depends on how many parameters or categories of data need to be counted, please share with S-Turbo your counting demand and we are here to help.

6-Unit Bank Tally Counter
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