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Measuring Wheel Dia 8" Tri-foldable

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
6 7.86KG 4.386'

Measuring Wheel Dia 8" Tri-foldable


Measuring Capacity: 9999.9m or 9999.9ft
Minimum: 1 inch or 10cm
Wheel Diameter: 8" (208mm)
Radius: 4" (104mm)
Expanded Size: 39" (990mm)
Storage Size: 19" (480mm)
Weight: 1310g


◆ Precise and lightweight.
◆ Easy to carry and store.
◆ Balanced and inline design.
◆ Sturdy tri-fold handle with TPR pistol grip.
◆ Trigger brake and counter control at the handle.
◆ Re-set on the bottom.
◆ Hi-traction TPR tire.
◆ Firm and solid kickstand.
◆ The 8" measuring instrument facilitates the use in rough terrain and making long distance measurements.
◆ Its foldable feature allows great portability and easy storage.
◆ The pistol grip has a remote trigger and a remote counter reset button, the operators do not have to bend down to reset the counter.
◆ Made of high quality P.P. impact-resistance and high-hardness TPR material.
◆ The product is equipped with sealed bearing at the measuring wheel to provide smooth mobility and long-term durability.

Measuring long distance becomes a less arduous task when measuring can be done as we walk with these 8" measuring wheels. It facilitates accurate measurement even in rough terrain with trigger brake and counter control at the handle and treads are able to sustain wears with its TPR material.

With sturdy tri-fold handle with TPR pistol grip, remote trigger and a remote counter reset button, the operators do not have to bend down to reset the counter. And also come with a kickstand to keep it standing firmly without falling down. Furthermore, to increase visibility especially when measuring under dim light, a more advanced model equipped with LED lighting is recommended.

We understand accuracy and portability are equally important for people who do outdoor measurement. The measuring wheels we offer are both lightweight and foldable, and can be stored in a compact crossbody bag for carrying these measuring tools easily.

If you are looking for measuring solution in roadworks, paving, traffic accident, landscaping, land survey, construction, and factory building, measuring wheels from S-Turbo are handy and a must-have tool.

Measuring Wheel Dia 8" Tri-foldable
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