Temperature Controller, for P/N 222.080 Impulse Sealer

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Temperature Controller


Input: 110V
Application: Adjustable timer for P/N 222.080 Impulse Sealer


◆ The adjustable timer, or called temperature controller, is used to control the heat applied on the impulse sealer machine. The timer is adjusted based on the thickness and materials of bags. It's recommended to try incrementally on the heat setting by turning the dial.
◆ The light indicator on the controller will be turned on when the sealing process begins, once the light is off, we suggest to keep the handle preseed for a few more seconds before releasing to ensure the sealing is complete.

Temperature Controller, for P/N 222.080 Impulse Sealer
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    Sealing Thickness: 0.4mm
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    To organize and store small stuff properly and orderly, households, stores especially in food supplies business and in bakery, or electronic industries that keep and maintain small components can all benefit from this easy-to-use manual heat sealer machine, which seals plastic PP, PE, PVC bags within a few seconds. When sealing different materials of bags, just turning a dial to adjust heat setting.

    Not only being simple and fast, its heavy iron base that compose the foundation of the impulse sealer offers stability and reduce the possibility of being tilted when impulse sealers are in use.

    S-Turbo also offers comprehensive spare parts and accessories of these impulse sealers, from heating element to silicone strip, we are here to support your sealing demands.

    Major features are,

    ◆ Practical sealing solution for various industries and household use for packing materials of plastic PP, PE, PVC bag.
    ◆ Easy to use without fuss.
    ◆ With easy-to-read sealing power indicator.
    ◆ Adjustable timer for optimal control.
    ◆ Warm-up quickly in few seconds.
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