Foot Pedal Impulse Sealer (8", 110V)

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Foot Pedal Impulse Sealer (8", 110V)

◆ Application: PP, PE, PVC, Aluminum foil coated bags and gusseted bags.
◆ Voltage: 110V
◆ Power: 250 W
◆ Weight: 16 kg
◆ Sealing Length: 8" (200 mm) / Sealing Width: 11 mm / Sealing Thickness: 10 mm
◆ Temperature: 50 - 320℃
◆ With cross teeth design
◆ Perfect for retail, grocery stores and industrial sealing use

Foot Pedal Impulse Sealer (8", 110V)
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    Impulse Sealer 8" 110V


    Machine Model: SP-200H
    Power Source: 110V
    Power: 310W
    Weight: 2.4 kgs
    Sealing Length: 200mm (8")
    Sealing Thickness: 0.4mm
    Box Dimension: 35 x 10.5 x 18.5cm (13.8" x 4.1" x 7.3")


    To organize and store small stuff properly and orderly, households, stores especially in food supplies business and in bakery, or electronic industries that keep and maintain small components can all benefit from this easy-to-use manual heat sealer machine, which seals plastic PP, PE, PVC bags within a few seconds. When sealing different materials of bags, just turning a dial to adjust heat setting.

    Not only being simple and fast, its heavy iron base that compose the foundation of the impulse sealer offers stability and reduce the possibility of being tilted when impulse sealers are in use.

    S-Turbo also offers comprehensive spare parts and accessories of these impulse sealers, from heating element to silicone strip, we are here to support your sealing demands.

    Major features are,

    ◆ Practical sealing solution for various industries and household use for packing materials of plastic PP, PE, PVC bag.
    ◆ Easy to use without fuss.
    ◆ With easy-to-read sealing power indicator.
    ◆ Adjustable timer for optimal control.
    ◆ Warm-up quickly in few seconds.
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    Input: 110V
    Power: 110W
    Glue Sticks: 7/16" (11mm)
    Nozzle Tip Length: 50mm, Extra Long
    Package Included: One Nozzle Tip, 20mm Long, Standard Type
    Material of Nozzle Tip: Copper


    One of the most common packaging materials in packing department of every manufacturer or company is usually the cardboard and corrugated boxes. How to well protect products packed inside in transit by bonding and sealing these cardboard and corrugated boxes securely is an important task before shipping.

    These industrial-grade glue guns offered by S-Turbo are designed to meet and exceed the highest standard of your packing requirement. The temperature is adjustable according to the glue sticks applied and the packaging applications. By fine tuning the screw indicated in the manual in clock-wise direction, the temperature can be lowered. On the other hand, higher temperature will be achieved if turning the screw in counter clock-wise direction. Generally speaking, the glue sticks from lowest to highest in ascending order in terms of softening point of temperature are clear color, light tan/straw color, and finally the white color ones.

    [Safety Cautions]:

    1. It's important to unplug the glue gun if not using, and after using, make sure it remains upright on its safety stand instead of lying on its side.
    2. Never touch the nozzle. Flush with cold water immediately if any contact.
    3. Never pull the glue stick out from the back of the glue gun. Please keep the partially-melted glue sticks stay inside the glue gun without pulling it out.
    4. Please keep glue gun away from reach of children and pets.
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