Impulse Sealer Heating Elements, 12", Pre-cut, Flat Profile

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Impulse Sealer Heating Elements, 12", Pre-cut, Flat Profile


Width: 2mm
Length: 12"(300mm)
Thickness: 0.2mm
Package Included: 10pcs/pack


Among all spare parts and accessories for impulse sealers, S-Turbo highly recommends to replace the heating elements made of flexible nickel and chromium alloy from time to time to keep sealing or cutting performance as great as new ones. S-Turbo has prepared the heating elements in various lengths and packages, some of them are pre-cut for manual or foot pedal impulse sealers in different sizes, made replacements of accessories a lot easier.

The heating elements S-Turbo supplies can be divided into two categories according to the shapes of its cross-section. One is flat and the other one is round. Usually, the heating element with flat cross-section is used for sealing, and the one with round profile is used for cutting and sealing at the same time. Though their shapes are slightly different from each other, they both seal the plastic bags with the heat transferred. The major difference is that when using the heating element with flat cross-section, the plastic bags remains intact after being sealed, while the plastic bags will be seperated and cut after the handle of impulse sealer is pressed when the round heating element is assembled on the sealer.

The major features of heating elements in flat cross-section are,

◆ The heating element is made of flexible nickel and chromium alloy, features with high temperature resistance.
◆ With a screwdriver, you can install and replace heating elements easily. By replacing the old ones, sealing effect and efficiency will be improved.
◆ Ideal for sealing plastic bags tightly.

Please check with S-Turbo on the compatibility of spare parts before purcahsing, and feel free to discuss with us your requirements on width, thickness, and packages of heating elements.

Impulse Sealer Heating Elements, 12", Pre-cut, Flat Profile
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