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Soldering Gun Tip

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Soldering Gun Tip

◆ Apply for Power 100W and 150W
◆ For product #316.160 and #316.170 Soldering Iron Gun

Soldering Gun Tip
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  • Electric Soldering Iron Gun 110V 100W
    Product NO316.160
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    Electric Soldering Iron Gun 110V 100W

    [Specifications & Features]:

    Voltage: 110V
    Power: 100W
    With light indicator

    For craft like stained glass, S-Turbo suggests our soldering gun in 100W and 150W. In addition to be one of the tools for stained glass, our soldering iron in pistol design is also a good general-purpose soldering iron for garage and household applications. It comes with a light indicator for better visibility and also includes solder wires stored in a tube to prevent moist. And as always, S-Turbo makes comprehensive support ready in all sorts of applicable soldering iron tips and parts for replacements.
  • Solder Tip Cleaner SS-05 Engineer
    Product NOESS-05
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    Solder Tip Cleaner SS-05 Engineer

    ◆ Portable
    ◆ Dual functions, for tip cleaning and as iron stand
    ◆ Completely airtight to keep sponge moist and avoid water leakage while not being used and capped with lid
    ◆ With 2 pcs of cleaning sponges of different density
    ◆ Housing: Glass-filled nylon resin featuring heat resistance of 130℃.
    ◆ External Dimensions: 65 x 32 (H) mm
    ◆ Weight: 75g
  • Soldering Paste Flux 100ml
    Product NO316.256
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    Solder Paste Flux 100ml

    Size: 100ml

    ◆ Neutral formula, being in solid state under room temperature and in liquid state when being heated.
    ◆ This Solder Paste cleans and fluxes at the same time.
    ◆ It cleans surface oxidation and prevents the metals from oxidation when in high temperature.
    ◆ When being heated, it reduces surface tension of solder and allows the solder to flow easily into the joint.
  • ESD-safe Solvent Flux Dispenser Pen Tip White 1.7oz
    Product NO553.069
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    ESD-safe Solvent Flux Dispenser Pen Tip White 1.7oz


    Capacity: 1.7oz (50ml)
    Tip: Pen brush
    Material of Bottle: PE
    Surface resistivity: 10^6 to 10^11 Ω/sq (With antistatic-coating on the surface of the bottle)


    ◆ Wide applications in PCB rework and repair, cleanrooms, or any working environment with ESD sensitive components around. Pen-top tip creates more intuitive user experience.
    ◆ Using this pen-top flux dispenser when soldering helps control the flow of flux more precisely without causing unwanted waste.
    ◆ This bottle is great for storing highly volatile liquid and make the liquid less quickly to evaporate.