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Electric Soldering Gun w/ Quick Heat Up

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
40 8.96KG -

Electric Soldering Gun

◆ This soldering gun is designed for fast heat application.
◆ Press the button for fast heat from 20W to 160W
◆ With efficient ceramic heater
◆ Ergonomic handle
◆ 110V
◆ With protective cap

Electric Soldering Gun w/ Quick Heat Up
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  • Soldering Iron Tip Point Tip
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    Soldering Iron Tip, Point Tip

    ◆ Design: Point Tip
    ◆ For Pen Type Soldering Iron P/N 316.698 and P/N 316.688
    ◆ This Soldering Iron Tip can also be used together with HAKKO 980 and HAKKO 981 seriers.
    ◆ 10 pcs / pack
  • Multi-purpose Soldering Tool Kit
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    Multi-purpose Soldering Tool Kit

    ◆ Refillable metal fuel tank
    ◆ Electronic instant ignition system
    ◆ Cordless, safe, and anti-flaring
    ◆ Dimension: 227 mm x 31 mm x 25 mm
    ◆ This Multi-purpose Soldering Tool Kit is excellent for the following applications:
    1. Naked flame welding - temperature up to 1,300°C or 2,400°F.
    2. Soldering - temperature up to 500°C or 930°F.
    3. Hot air shrinking - temperature up to 500°C or 930°F.
    4. Hot cutting for plastic sheets or plates
    5. Widely applied in leather burning, jewelry making, automotive repairs, and any of your DIY projects.
  • Polyimide High Temperature Resistant Adhesive Tape Width 3mm
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    Polyimide High Temperature Resistant Adhesive Tape Width 3mm


    Material : Polyimide
    Adhesion Type: Silicone
    Color : Amber
    Width : 3mm
    Adhesive Thickness: 0.025mm
    Total thickness: 0.055mm
    Length : 33M
    Elongation: 40%
    Temperature Resistance: -73℃ ~ 260℃


    ◆ Thermal Stability – It can withstand heat and still function well.
    ◆ Electrical Insulation Properties – Making it the most vital accessory when handling ESD sensitive components in electronics reworking and manufacturing process.
    ◆ This Polyimide High Temperature Resistant Adhesive Tape has great electrical insulation properties and high temperature resistant.
    ◆ Wide Applications: protecting gold finger on PCB, soldering tasks, providing shield for electronic components, protecting bed surface and acts as a base layer in 3D printing.
    ◆ Because it is stable over a wide range of temperature and its feature of electrical insulation, this polyimide tape can protect gold contacts of PCB during wave soldering and hot air leveling process or it can insulate coil at high temperature. In addition to electronics reworking and manufacturing, as 3D printers are more and more prevalent nowadays, this polyimide tape serves as an accountable bed surface material.

    For detailed product specifications or other dimensions not listed on our website, please contact our sales team by trading@octopus.com.tw.
  • Ceramic Tipped Tweezers Round Point Tip 1.0mm
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    Ceramic Tipped Tweezers Round Point Tip 1.0mm

    ◆ Round Point Tip
    ◆ Overall Length: 127mm
    ◆ Tip Length: 25mm
    ◆ Shaft Width: 9.5mm
    ◆ Tip Size: 1.0mm
    ◆ Best tool for accurate electrical component operation and jeweller repair.
    ◆ Ceramic replaceable and changeable white tips are made with high quality for durable use.
    ◆ Non-corrosive and heat resistant design.
    ◆ There are two screws on both sides for you to easily replace the tweezers tip.