Soldering Iron Tip Point Tip

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
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Soldering Iron Tip, Point Tip

◆ Design: Point Tip
◆ For Pen Type Soldering Iron P/N 316.698 and P/N 316.688
◆ This Soldering Iron Tip can also be used together with HAKKO 980 and HAKKO 981 seriers.
◆ 10 pcs / pack

Soldering Iron Tip Point Tip
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    Spring Hook SS-21 Engineer

    ◆ Ideal for inserting, removing, and adjusting coil springs of electronic components or precision instruments
    ◆ Suitable for removing connector leads, aligning leads of resistor or condenser and testing arrangements of wires.
    ◆ 3mm diam. x 215mm overall length         
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  • KOTELYZER 60A Handy Pro Butane Solder
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    KOTELYZER 60A Handy Pro Butane Solder (Made in Japan)

    Model: 60A

    Overall Length: 186mm
    Weight: 74g
    Soldering iron temp.: 500℃ (20~60W)
    Hot blower: 650℃
    Torch: 1300℃
    Gas container capacity: 12ml
    Operation time: 60mins
    Fuel: Use pure butane to ensure normal lifetime

    ◆ Lighter ignition.
    ◆ 3 in 1: Soldering iron function, hot blower function and torch function.
    ◆ Comes with 525.6001 soldering tip (model: 60-01-01), 525.6052 hot blow tip(60-01-52), protective cap (model: 60-02).
  • Ceramic Replacement Tweezers Round Point Tip 1.0mm
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    Ceramic Replacement Tweezers Round Point Tip 1.0mm

    ◆ Round Point Tip
    ◆ Overall Length: 127mm
    ◆ Tip Length: 25mm
    ◆ Shaft Width: 9.5mm
    ◆ Tip Size: 1.0mm
    ◆ Best tool for accurate electrical component operation and jeweller repair.
    ◆ Ceramic replaceable and changeable white tips are made with high quality for durable use.
    ◆ Non-corrosive and heat resistant design.
    ◆ There are two screws on both sides for you to easily replace the tweezers tip.