Demolition Screwdriver 30mm 402-W Sunflag

Product No
Country of Origin
International Barcode
(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
6/216 - -

Demolition Screwdriver 30mm 402-W Sunflag

Tip Width: 30mm
Shaft Dia.: 9.5mm
Shaft Length: 230mm
Overall Length: 355mm
Front Head Shape: Straight
Material of Shaft: Chrome Vanadium

◆ For prying and chiseling
◆ Metal strike cap protects handle from hammer blows
◆ Heat-treated square column shaft transfers force well when being striked
◆ Cushion-Grip handle for greater comfort

Demolition Screwdriver 30mm 402-W Sunflag
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    ◆ Panasonic Model no. EY7410LA2S53
    ◆ Li-ion Battery 3.6V 1.5Ah
    ◆ Max. Torque: high speed 1.5 N.m / low speed 4.4 N.m
    ◆ 21-stage internal clutch torque adjusts from 0.3 - 2.9 N.m in 0.1N.m steps.
    ◆ Speed: High Speed 600r.p.m. / Low Speed 200r.p.m.
    ◆ Capacity: Metal φ5mm (spc t=1.6mm) / Wood φ3.8mm x 38mm
    ◆ Durability: This screwdriver an be used to fasten 600 pcs of screws on wood surfaceφ3.1 x 13mm, 125 pcs of screws on wood surface φ3.5 x 20mm, and small 1000 pcs of screws on iron (M5 x 8mm). It has the power to drill up to 85 holes on metal SPC (φ2 x 1mm) and 125 holes on aluminum (φ2 x 2.5mm).
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    ◆ Rubber non-slip grip.
    ◆ Integral LED light increases visibility in dark areas. LED light will be turned off automatically after being turning on for 5 mins.
    ◆ With low battery warning, power will be stopped automatically before battery is worn our.
    ◆ Li-ion battery charges to a usable level in just 15 minutes and fully charges in 30 minutes.
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    ◆ This Screw Removal Plier receives Good Design Award 2014 and has international patents in Japan, USA, Taiwan, China, and Korea.
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    ◆ Specially designed comfort grip
    ◆ High leverage design
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    ◆ Material: High Carbon Steel
    ◆ For screw diameter between 3 - 15 mm
    ◆ Hardness: HRC 60±2
    ◆ Weight: 300g

  • Screw Removal Pliers (Neji-Saurus JS) PZ-32
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    Length: 160mm
    Hardness: HRC60+/-2
    Material Body: Carbon Steel
    Material Handles: TPR
    Weight: 125g
    Cutting Capacity: Φ1.2㎜ copper wire
    Screw Head: dia. 3 to 9.5㎜

    ◆ Vertical serrations bite and grip a screw head without slippage.
    ◆ Serrated side teeth lined consecutively, inter-meshed with each other.
    ◆ Elaborate angle of serrations also enables you to bite a dome head.
    ◆ Black oxide finish to increase rust-resistance!
    ◆ Slender design of jaws ideal for work in confined area.
    ◆ Comfortable grips made of Elastomer (TPR), also good for global environment.
    ◆ Strap hole goes through the steel handle.
    ◆ With Wide blades can cut Φ1.2㎜ copper wire.
  • Octopus 12-Piece Ratcheting Combination Wrench Spanner Set
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    Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
    72 teeth 5 degree
    Sizes Included: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm
    Package Contents: 12 x ratchet wrenches and 1x Oxford cloth bag


    ◆ Compliance with ANSI or DIN standard.
    ◆ Ratcheting box end with fine tooth ratchet and surface drive box end provides a stronger grip on fasteners.