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Long Nose Pliers Serrated with Cutter & Stripper 6 1/2" Octopus KT-218

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
6/120 19.8KG 1.188'

Long Nose Pliers Serrated with Cutter & Stripper 6 1/2" Octopus KT-218


Length: 6-1/2" (160 mm)
Weight: 145g
Hardness: Body HRC 43-45 / Blade HRC 60±2
Application: Electrician
Joint Type: Single Joint
Tips: Half Round
Cutting Capacity: Up to 1.5mm Iron Wire, Up to 2.6mm Copper Wire, Up to 2.0mm Cable Wire
Gripping: Serrated
Spring-loaded: Yes
Handle: plastic


These pairs of long nose pliers are useful especially when users needs more friction to hold small workpieces. The serrated surface on jaws helps increase gripping and clamping force.
A multifunctional tool that grips, cuts, and strips all in one pliers.

◆ Designed specifically for electricians with its all-in-one feature including gripping, cutting, stripping, and crimping. A multi-purpose and efficient tool in electricians' tool pouch.
◆ Anti-slip handle with small rigids on both sides to increase the gripping force.

Long Nose Pliers Serrated with Cutter & Stripper 6 1/2" Octopus KT-218
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    ◆ With spring and serrated jaws, the long nose pliers offers less fatigue user experience and is very durable because of being drop forged and having heat treated steel construction.
    ◆ The diagonal cutting pliers is sharp for cutting wire, plastic models, crafts, decorations…and more.
    ◆ The combination pliers helps tackle installation and repair work that requires cutting, bending, gripping, and pulling of wires and other workpieces.
    ◆ With solder-related tools and wire stripper included, this tool kit can deal with basic electronics, home appliance repairs and circuit board welding.
    ◆ A safe and reliable multimeter helps accurately troubleshoot automotive and household electrical problems. Multimeter is a test equipment that one must have in the tool box.
    ◆ Tool cabinet essentials must include long-lasting adjustable wrench and screwdrivers in Philips and Slotted which are versatile and always helpful.

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    Who will need tool sets/kits from S-Turbo?

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    Moreover, our tool kits are perfect for home and garage projects. For tool distributors who would like to provide cost-effective tool sets in home improvement department, you are very welcome to discuss with us your budget, target price and customers' preferences!

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