Octopus Brand:

Octopus KT-501 Internal Snap Ring Pliers, Straight Nose

Product No
Country of Origin
International Barcode
(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
6/120 9.12KG 0.84'

Octopus KT-501 Circlip Internal Snap Ring Pliers, Straight Nose


Length: 125mm
Capacity: 10-25mm
For Hole: 1.2-2.0mm
Weight: 58g


◆ Widely applied for the fixed bearing or hole bearing in repairing bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and also in machineries.
◆ Its fine tips are excellent for reaching into tight spaces. In addition, this pliers can also help bend the objects.
◆ With spring for you to work easier.
◆ Surface treatment in black oxide and polish resists rust.

Octopus KT-501 Internal Snap Ring Pliers, Straight Nose
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    Gripping: Serrated
    Spring-loaded: Yes
    Handle: non-slip rubber
    Material: SK7 High Carbon Steel


    These pairs of long nose pliers are useful especially when users needs more friction to hold small workpieces. The serrated surface on jaws helps increase gripping and clamping force.

    Wire gripping and bending is usually followed by the step of cutting. In light of this workflow, S-Turbo supplies long nose pliers that are equipped with cutter in jaws to make these pliers more versatile.

    ◆ Slim jaws for hard-to-reach spot.
    ◆ The handle is made of non-slip rubber which makes gripping more firmly.
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    ◆ For precise grasping SMD/SMT components, also great tool for watch and jewelry repair.
    ◆ Replaceable and changeable white tips made of ceramic are anti-corresive and heat-resistant, while the metal body offers durability and strength for grasping.
    ◆ Two screws on both sides for you to easily replace the tweezers' tips.