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Octopus KT-A05 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 5", Semi-Flush Cut, Oval Head

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6/120 10.68KG 0.888'

Octopus KT-A05 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 5", Semi-Flush Cut, Oval Head


Length: 5"(125mm)
Material: CRV SAE6140( Cr-V Steels )
Body: HRC 43-45
Blade: HRC 60±2
Cutting Capacity: Iron Wireφ1.5mm / Copper Wireφ2.0mm
Weight: 72g


◆ Though resulting in more pronounced edge than a flush cutter leaves on wires, this tool is more durable in terms of holding its edge.
◆ Its great cutting capacity can cut up to diameter 1.5mm iron wire.
◆ With screw stopper on the side so the pliers don't open all the way.
◆ Spring-loaded to prevent fatigue when in prolonged use.
◆ The blades are oiled to prevent rust.
◆ Plastic-dipped handles for comfort in your palm.
◆ Drop forged and heat treated steel construction.

Octopus KT-A05 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 5", Semi-Flush Cut, Oval Head
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    ◆ Safely-designed and comfortable handles
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      Handle & Cap: PBT
      Screw joint: Stainless Steel
    ◆ Overall Length: 160mm
    ◆ Handle Width: 83mm
    ◆ Blade Thickness: 3mm
    ◆ Weight: 120 g