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Wire Cutter and Stripper 10-30 AWG

Product No
Country of Origin
International Barcode
(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
15/150 14.4KG 2.325'

Wire Cutter and Stripper 10-30 AWG

◆ With adjustable screw for cutting and stripping wire size 30-10 AWG.
◆ With a looping hole in jaw for wire bending.
◆ Length: 127mm

Wire Cutter and Stripper 10-30 AWG
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  • Coaxial Cable Stripper HT-332
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    Coaxial Cable Stripper HT-332


    Applications: RG-58/59/62/6/6QS/3C/4C/5C
    Overall Length: 99mm


    ◆ With this 2-blade, reversible v-block tool, coaxial cable can be stripped quickly and easily.
    ◆ The reversible v-block shows recommended cable size.
    ◆ Adjustable blade depth by using the hex wrench included to adjust stripping length.
    ◆ Finger loop for one-handed operation.
  • Multi-Functional Wire Stripper PAW-01 Engineer
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    Multi-Functional Wire Stripper PAW-01 Engineer

    Material of Body: High Carbon Steel
    Material of Grip: Alloy Steel and ABS elastomer
    Stripping Capacity: 0.05 - 8m㎡
    Cutting Capacity: 0.05 - 6m㎡
    Crimping Capacity: AWG16-10 for bare terminals and open-barrel terminals
    Length: 210mm
    Weight: 359g

    ◆ Multi-functional wire stripper with stripping, cutting, and crimping functions 3-in-1.
    ◆ Patented wire stripper for ultra fine wire, bold line, speaker cable, flat cable
    ◆ Easy to use by turning the adjustment knob in the minus direction you can peel off the ultra-fine wire.
    ◆ Easy to set the length of the stripped part with strip gauge.
    ◆ With cutting and crimping functions.