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Multi-Functional Wire Stripper PAW-01 Engineer

Product No
Country of Origin
International Barcode
(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
10/50 20KG 2.29'

Multi-Functional Wire Stripper PAW-01 Engineer

Material of Body: High Carbon Steel
Material of Grip: Alloy Steel and ABS elastomer
Stripping Capacity: 0.05 - 8m㎡
Cutting Capacity: 0.05 - 6m㎡
Crimping Capacity: AWG16-10 for bare terminals and open-barrel terminals
Length: 210mm
Weight: 359g

◆ Multi-functional wire stripper with stripping, cutting, and crimping functions 3-in-1.
◆ Patented wire stripper for ultra fine wire, bold line, speaker cable, flat cable
◆ Easy to use by turning the adjustment knob in the minus direction you can peel off the ultra-fine wire.
◆ Easy to set the length of the stripped part with strip gauge.
◆ With cutting and crimping functions.

Multi-Functional Wire Stripper PAW-01 Engineer
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