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Mini Offset Ratchet with Bits

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(sets) G.W. CU'FT
10 0.64KG 0.054'

Mini Offset Ratchet with Bits

Length: 103mm
Width: 19.5mm
Thickness: 11mm
Weight: 54g
Material: Carbon Steel and ABS
Bits included: Philips No.2 *1 / Slotted 6.0x0.8mm *1
Bit Length: 18mm

◆ Ultra-thin offset driver with ratchet mechanism.
◆ The thickness is only 18mm after being attached bits, great for working in narrow and confined space.
◆ It's applicable in turning M6 cap bolts with high torque design.
◆ With quick turning ratchet mechanism, working efficiency is geatly improved.
◆ The bits included in this set of tool can be stored in the main body of ultra-thin offset driver.

Mini Offset Ratchet with Bits
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    Overall Length: 100mm
    Diameter: 15mm
    Size: 6.35mm
    Weight: 60g
    Material: Body/High Carbon Steel, Sleeve/Aluminum


    ◆ Use DR-25 together with DZ-70 Neji Zaurus GT Drive as the universal joint.
    ◆ Also can be used on 18V power tool.
    ◆ Suitable for unscrewing in narrow and confined spaces, especially for stripped screws on the corners of wall.
    ◆ Unique internal structure to prevent the driver bit from detaching.
    ◆ Recommended to use DR-25 with DR-19 screw catch to avoid screw falling to floor.