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Butane Refillable Micro Torch Soldering Tool RK2121

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Butane Refillable Micro Torch, Ideal Tool For Soldering RK2121


Item No. RK2121
Gas Capacity: 38g +/-10%
Size: 116 x 45 x 183mm
Dry Weight: 305g, without fuel
Working Time: about 35 mins per filling when large flame, 90 mins per filling when small flame.
Max. Temperature Attainable: 1250℃ +/- 50℃


◆ Refillable metal fuel tank.
◆ Anti-flaring.
◆ Flame adjustable.
◆ Excellent heat balance design.
◆ Electronic instant ignition system.
◆ Ergonomic design, operates at any angle.
◆ 35 mins use on large flame setting, 90 mins on small flame setting.
◆ Wide applications in welding, shrinking, brazing, auto repair, cooking, creme brulee, jewelry making, hobbies, DIY.

Butane Refillable Micro Torch Soldering Tool RK2121
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    Butane Refillable Micro Torch


    Capacity: 22g
    Weight: 190g, without gas
    Flame Temperature: 1250±50 ℃
    Working Time: Gentle flame for about 100mins, strong flame for about 50mins.
    Size: 95x63x155mm


    ◆ 100% metal gas tank. Gas can be refilled immediately once running out of gas.
    ◆ Instant electronic ignition.
    ◆ The flame and gas flow can be adjusted.
    ◆ With safety lock, it prevents accidental ignition. A stable base prevents falling over.
    ◆ Easy to operate with one single hand.
    ◆ Base can be attached for safety reason and can be detached when being stored.