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KOTELYZER GT-01 Soldering Butane Gun

Product No
Country of Origin
International Barcode
(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
50 0.246KG -

KOTELYZER GT-01 Soldering Butane Gun (Made in Japan)

Model: GT-01

Overall Length: 170 x 130mm
Weight: 137g
Soldering iron temp.: 250 ~ 500℃ (20~80W)
Hot blower: 650℃
Torch: 1300℃
Gas container capacity: 12ml
Operation time: 50mins
Fuel: Use pure butane to ensure normal lifetime

◆ Self ignition.
◆ Works in 30 seconds
◆ 3 in 1: Soldering iron function, hot blower function and torch function.
◆ Comes with 525.7001 soldering tip (model:70-01-01), 525.7052 (model:70-01-52) hot blow tip, protective cap (model: 72-02) and spanner (80-35).

KOTELYZER GT-01 Soldering Butane Gun
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