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Professional Clamp Meter

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(pcs) G.W. CU'FT
- 0.464KG -

◆ ACA: 20A, 200A, 600A
◆ Continuity Buzzer
◆ Unit & Sign Display
◆ DC - Voltage: 1000V, Accuracy: 0.8% rdg + 2 dgts, Resolution: 1V, Overload Protection: 1100V, Input Impedance: 10M W
◆ AC - Voltage: 200V/750V, Accuracy: 1.2% rdg + 3 dgts, Resolution: 100mV, Overload Protection: 800V, Input Impedance: 10M W
◆ AC - Current: 20/200/600A, Accuracy: 2% rdg + 5 dgts (50/60 Hz), Resolution: 10mA, Overload Protection: 1000A
◆ Resistance - Range: 200 W/20K W, Accuracy: 1% rdg + 2 dgts, Resolution: 100m W, Overload Protection: 350V DC/AC (Also for continuity & Diode), Max Open Circuit Voltage: 3.5V, 0.3V
◆ Continuity Beeper - Sound Level: below 100 W, Max Open Circuit Voltage: 3.5V, Resolution Diode: 1mV, Max Test Current: 1.5mA
◆ Frequency (Hz) - Range: 2KHz, Accuracy: 1% rdg + 2 dgts, Resolution: 1Hz, Max Allowable Applied Voltage: 350Vrms, Max Input Sensitivity: 100mV
◆ 3-1/2 digit LCD, Maximum reading 1999
◆ Power source: 9V battery*1 pcs
◆ Dimensions: 208mm(L)x65mm(W)x31mm(H)
◆ Weight: 330g
◆ Accessories: Carrying Case, Test Leads, Battery & Instruction Manual

Professional Clamp Meter
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